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I was born and raised in the city of Prague in the Czech Republic. I loved dancing even as a child when at the age of seven my first training started with ballet and tap dance. I continued with my dance training through high school and afterwards, adding ballroom and belly dancing to my continuing ballet and tap dance experience, and finally discovering salsa, and other Latin dances in my early twenties.

My passion for salsa ignited when I moved to Las Vegas in 2006. I joined a salsa dance team and having found a dance partner, I began performing, competing, and finally teaching salsa classes at a dance studio. In 2008 I moved to Los Angeles where I joined another dance team and performed at various events, eventually partnering with Jose Hernandez from Salseros-LA.com to teach classes. More recently I have added West Coast Swing and Lindy Hop to my repertoire, expanding my techniques to improve my overall dance skills.

From January 2010 to June 2011 I was a member of Charlene Rose Dance Company performing at many salsa events, clubs, venues and salsa congresses in Los Angeles and San Francisco. I continued then to perform and compete whilst partnering with Jose to teach classes, workshops and host weekly latin nights and various salsa and bachata events.

Through dedication and love for the art of dance, through self motivation, creativity and a strong belief in the difference I can make not only in my life but also in the lives of others, I have decided to become a full time dance instructor. I worked for seven years with Salseros-LA team as a dance instructor, promoter and a host of latin nights at various locations including Noypitz in Glendale, Bogies in Westlake Village, Theory/Paladinos in Tarzana and Casa Escobar in Malibu. Having worked with Jose Hernandez for many years and thanks to sharing the same passions and goals, this career has provided me with abundant opportunities in the salsa industry. I have gained a lot of new experience as a choreographer, dance team leader, and have worked individually as well. Teaching group and private dance lessons, ladies styling workshops, performing and teaching at private events or just dancing the night away at one of Salseros-LA events has given me a chance to grow into the person I believe I was always meant to become. In March 2017 I launched my personal website EVABASEOVA.COM and started focusing on my own projects. At that time I already worked with my new partner Ismael Doroteo and just a few months later we created a new brand called Latin Rhythms LA. Ismael and I currently work together offering various progressive dance courses in the San Fernando Valley area.

I have always followed my passion for music and dance, and I love to share the joy and happiness that salsa and bachata dancing brings to my life with all my students. As Martha Graham once said: “Great dancers aren’t great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion.” I personally believe that anyone who is driven by their sincere passion for something is able to transfer the energy to their work and is capable of creating the most amazing and unique atmosphere and experience for their students, customers or clients.

I have a strong desire to always improve my dancing skills and techniques, and to educate myself on how to become a better dancer, instructor and a better person, a passion which acts an inspiration to my students to capture their love for dance and use it to improve their skills.

“Truly blessed and happy are those who are not afraid to believe in the power within themselves. They become their own inspiration. Being me Inspires me.” ~Eva Baseova

“With absolute belief, there is absolutely no doubt.”
~Eva Baseova

“Making a difference in people’s lives by doing what I love brings me so much happiness. It makes me feel alive.” ~Eva Baseova


If you want to experience true passion, happiness, laughter, and growth in your life, it’s not that difficult. Just surround yourself only with other positive, passionate, uplifting, inspirational people who genuinely want to guide you and take you to a higher, more fulfilling place in life.

That is the reason I have chosen to share much of my time and energy during the week with the incomparable Eva Baseova, Jose Hernandez, the entire Salseros-LA team, and all of my wonderful friends and fellow bachata and salsa students and dancers who are on the same journey as I.

Just look at this photo to see a truly passionate, inspirational teacher, dancer, and a young woman who touches and enriches the lives of so many students who are fortunate to share with her the love and passion of Latin dance.

I am forever grateful.
Stewart K. on June 23, 2014